Moving Beyond the Cold War without Embracing Putin

See also: Russia Flunks Out Russian President Vladimir Putin's popularity among some conservatives is drastically changing the way he and his country are perceived in the US. This transformation has played out against the backdrop of a deeper shift in attitudes towards Russia, with cultural clichés from the Cold War giving way to more nuanced views. It is a positive sign to see Americans escaping the mentality of the past and re-envisioning the world in new light. It will no doubt be a better world than my generation has known. Russia is not the country it was two decades ago and American foreign policy should not be predicated on an outdated understanding of the world. Putin, however, is not the rugged conservative figure some conservatives make him out to be.   The man, the myth At home and abroad, Putin likes to paint himself as the savior of Russia, bringing his country back from the nadir of the Yeltsin years and defending the values of the Orthodox Church...(Read Full Article)