In New York City, the Perfect Storm is Building

The Perfect Storm We can clearly discenr sevaral trends coming together. New York City has experienced over twenty years of decreasing crime rates. But aggressive policing tactics such as Stop and Frisk and targeting open-air narcotics sellers, coupled with the get-tough approach on quality-of-life crimes, is now being scrutinized. We have widespread unemployment and a faltering economy, and a progressive mayor, Bill DiBlasio, who has indicated that he is against Stop and Frisk. There are signals that crime is slowly on the uptick. The recent wanton assaults of the "Knockout Game" come to mind. In any dynamic, there is an internal and external environment. The New York City street cop knows this dynamic intimately. Police officers want to know that from the mayor downward, someone has their backs. Mayor Rudy Giuliani set the tone: aggressive policing would be rewarded, active cops would go to elite crime-fighting units like Street Crime and Narcotics and get plenty of overtime for...(Read Full Article)