American Football: Helmets, Cracked Eggs, and a Red Card

American football is a violent game and it is rare that one ends without injury. A dislocated shoulder, broken ribs, cracked collarbones, or a torn ACL -- this and more is what we watch on the weekends. Aiming for the quarterback is axiomatic. If defenders can hurry, shake, or hurt the quarterback, he can lose his rhythm or be driven from the game, leaving the offense in the hands of a second or even third-string player. The worst of these hits is helmet-to-helmet contact, which is just what it sounds like. A defensive player, sometimes a lineman or a free safety, attacks at speed and slams his helmet into the opposing player's helmet. If he does his job, the offensive player, whether quarterback, receiver or lineman, can end up with a concussion. For the National Football League (NFL) addressing on-the-field brutality is as much matter of business practice as conscience. The loss of a top quarterback or other star player translates into a loss of millions of dollars. Furthermore,...(Read Full Article)