Why This Shutdown Is Different

In covering the effects of the partial government shutdown, the mainstream media are behaving as expected. Those who watched events leading up to the government closure understand that a major responsibility for the 17th government shutdown in American history rests on Senate Democrats led by Harry Reid, and especially Barack Obama, but of course the mainstream media are blaming the Republicans. Democrats' intransigence over funding the central government, especially Obamacare, and soon over raising the nation's debt limit, should have made "headlines" in print and electronic media. But, no, the MSM -- shilling for Obama -- lambaste Republicans of all stripes, but especially conservatives. Every Left-wing canard aimed at conservatives generally, and Tea Partiers in particular, gets repeated by the MSM. Bad press is always problematic, and since there is a segment of the public that is entirely dependent on the MSM for political information, conservatives should expect these people to...(Read Full Article)