The U.S. Constitution has no Teeth

As the Obama Administration works around the Constitution and performs thousands of acts that are in direct defiance of constitutional law and established legislative practice, the emerging issue is that it does not appear to be a crime to defy the Constitution. The U.S. Code, the list of Federal laws, has many laws that can be used in Federal court to take employers to court, for example, for discriminating against minorities, or violating the voting rights act. But with regard to purely Constitutional issues, such as the First Amendment violations of the IRS, there doesn't seem to be any teeth in the Constitution. There is no codified way to fight these abuses. When Lois Lerner violated the free-speech rights of campaign groups, she was not cited for committing any crime: she did not receive as much as a twenty-dollar ticket. The EPA can hand a farmer a ten-thousand-dollar fine for spilling pesticides too close to a wetland, but the Congress cannot fine the IRS managers or the...(Read Full Article)