The Tea Party is Colorblind

Despite repeated attempts in the media to portray the Tea Party as racist, their recruitment and polices actually benefit minorities. Ironically, the MSM turns a color-blind eye towards President Obama, who may be the most racially divisive president in history. Some Tea Party anger is racist -- that was the moronic accusation from jaded political analyst Cokey Roberts on MSNBC the other day. Of course, most large organizations will have some unsavory elements, including the Democrat Party, but the Tea Party really is color blind. Cokey's mindset is endemic in the MSM and propagated by a narcissistic president whose temperament is tainted by racial hubris. President Obama tacitly encourages his media minions to accuse political dissenters of racism. So let's refute these diabolical claims because the Divider-in-Chief, who promised he'd be "post-racial" and transcend race, actually descends into sordid racial politics for political expediency. Charges of racism are the last refuge of...(Read Full Article)