The Budget and Debt-Limit Endgames

There is nothing so insidious as a lie which persists without rebuttal long enough to be accepted as true (with all due apologies to ideas whose time has come).   The current budget and debt crises in Washington provide plenty of examples.   The lies have all originated among the Democrats and their sycophants in the media.  Begin with the most obvious.   For weeks and continuing now, the suspension of a few government functions has been described as a wanton act of "shutting down the government.  " In fact, hardly anything is shut down.   The main examples are the temporary closings of national parks, museums, and monuments.   As we move deeper into the lack of appropriations, certain more serious outlays turn out to be threatened.   The most serious so far has to do with a clinical trial involving childhood cancer victims.  Stupid Lie 1: Pro-choice Harry Reid claims that Republicans don't care about dying...(Read Full Article)