The Beginning of the End of the Cold War

The Reagan policy in the Cold War was simple enough:  we win; they lose.  Helped by American Thinker contributors like Herb Meyer in the CIA, Reagan began to identify Marxism as the debris of the past and not the wave of the future, and he dared to call the Soviet Union and "evil empire" -- which, of course, it was. On October 25, 1983, thirty years ago, President Reagan liberated the first nation that had fallen under Marxist tyranny.  Grenada, an archipelago with a left-leaning government already, had been taken over by a Marxist thug who was clearly going to turn his nation into another Cuba.  Moreover, there was evidence that American medical students were going to become hostages of this new regime, perhaps creating the same sort of crisis that America under Jimmy Carter had faced after the Iranian Revolution. Reagan was challenging very directly the "Brezhnev Doctrine," which had been proclaimed by the Communist Party general secretary...(Read Full Article)