Ted Cruz Spots a Tsunami

Ted Cruz is our Tilly Smith. Tilly Smith was a hero. Vacationing on a beach in 2004 in Thailand, the ten-year-old Tilly immediately recognized the signs of the approaching tsunami and quickly warned fellow beachgoers, in time to save over a hundred lives. On that fateful afternoon when she first noticed the "sizzling" water rapidly filling the shoreline, Tilly recalled a recent geography lesson on tsunamis from school and began to shout an alarm. Fortunately, enough people -- beginning with her own family -- paid attention to Tilly and spread the word, saving everyone there. We can imagine that many of the sunscreen-lathered beachgoers were at first annoyed by Tillie's bold interruption, and might even have called her a "wacko bird." Some may have been initially so irritated by her family's warning, ruining their little slice of paradise in the sand -- that they saw not a heroine, but an impudent little girl; or worse, called her names like "short-sighted fraud," "terrorist,"...(Read Full Article)