Talking Politics around the Dinner Table Has Become Blood Sport

Years ago, my father gave me some advice as I prepared to spend the summer between my second and third year of law school working in a law firm in Washington, D.C.  "Despite the division you see between Republicans and Democrats in the news," he warned, "behind the heated rhetoric is a club of politicians who golf together, whose wives socialize together, and whose children not only attend the same schools, but often end up marrying each other.  They viciously fight for their agendas in the public arena, rile up ordinary citizens like you and me, then go home and have each other over for a BBQ." His words catapulted from deep within my memory to the forefront of my brain as I watched the token liberal on The Five, Bob Beckel, receive accolades for his work on substance abuse and shower his conservative co-hosts with love and friendship, which they reciprocated.   This wouldn't be the first time political opponents voiced their affection for one another...(Read Full Article)