Rethinking Public Transit

"Just get it done.  Just get it done!" snapped an exasperated commuter to a radio reporter last week at a BART train station, talking about the strike.  Whatever his thoughts about the union's successful attempt to wrench more from a public transit monster that eats 63% of the Bay Area's transportation dollars to carry only 14.6% of its passengers to work, what he needed most right now was his ride to work. About 200,000 of the 7.2 million Bay Area residents depend on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) trains to get where they're going each day, making for 400,000 trips per day.  So what would our roads be without public rail transit?  Impossibly snarled nightmares, right? For the immediate future, yes, of course.  And it sure looked like it in July when the train drivers went on strike for four days.  Although BART only carries about 5 percent of the Bay Area's workers, that means a lot when all those workers get dumped out onto an already strained road...(Read Full Article)