Republican Opposition: a Flimsy Reed

Many conservatives who have not yet succumbed to political correctness never stop wondering why Republicans are so bad at political warfare. Why don't they vigorously oppose the ruling Democrats and their leader, President Obama, instead of sounding at times like their echo-chamber. Watch televised debates: the Democrat is always bursting with righteous indignation, angrily castigating the Republicans and ascribing to them the basest of motives, while his Republican opponent is always on the defensive, timidly smiling and carefully choosing his words so as -- God forbid! -- to not offend his adversary's sensibilities. It's hard to avoid the feeling that the Republicans (the rare exceptions notwithstanding) inwardly agree with the Democrats, acknowledge their moral superiority, and try to ingratiate themselves with the accusers as if pleading for leniency if not acquittal. Why do Republicans fail to forcefully rebuff the smears? Why don't they expose the lies and distortions peddled...(Read Full Article)