Obama's Circle of Appeasers

On July 6, 1939 the British Foreign Office heard from the British Military Attaché in Berlin that Hitler's Finance Minister Count Lutz Schwerin von Krosigk had advised a visiting British General: "Take Winston Churchill into the Cabinet. Churchill is the only Englishman Hitler is afraid of. He does not take Prime Minster Chamberlain or Halifax seriously, but he places Churchill in the same category as Roosevelt. The mere fact of giving him a leading Ministerial post would convince Hitler that we really meant to stand up to him." In 2013, there is no Churchill anywhere except Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He is the lone prophet who is warning the world not to be fooled and misled by the new conciliatory tone of the new Iranian president Hasan Rouhani while his regime continues developing its nuclear weapons program. There is no Roosevelt in the White House. Roosevelt did not try to meet, talk to, or negotiate with Hitler or any of his lieutenants. Sadly,...(Read Full Article)