My Father's Book

My father was born on Nov. 18th 1933 to Fred and Mary Fairman in the Los Angeles area. They have both since passed on but their marriage produced seven children: My father Fred Jr., My lovely Aunt Marylyn, My handsome uncle Mike, My uncle Dennis the Marine, and "Little Dorothy" who introduced me to the Beatles and pop music when she lived with us for a time. I have not forgotten my Uncle Larry and beloved Aunt Martha who have passed -- Larry as a young man and Martha some years back from cancer. Now, my father married my mother Carole and they raised seven children: me, my brother Gary, sister Jeannene, brothers Eric, Shawn, and Dennis -- and little sister Stephanie. My father and I were both the eldest of seven. Dad and mom have twelve grandchildren. My father was a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne, and the fond memories of his experiences were the subject of many stories; and they were highly interesting -- even after having heard them many hundreds of times. My dad once served as...(Read Full Article)