Making a God of Government

Recently, Jim Wallis, president and founder of Sojourners and a leader of the so-called "evangelical left," declared the government shutdown "unbiblical."  On a video produced by Sojourners, Wallis said, "There is a deeper problem here than politics. There is a theological problem. As a Christian, I want to say, shutting down government is unbiblical." With his longtime, deep-seated liberal worldview, Wallis comes to this conclusion because the conservatives with whom he disagrees "don't believe in government per se. They want to destroy the House [of Representatives] and shut it down. That's not biblical."  He continues, "Secondly, because government has a biblical responsibility to care for the poor, they're against poor people. They get hostile to the poor because they are hostile to government. That's also wrong. It's unbiblical." In addition to being a complete lie (there are at least three in Mr. Wallis' statement -- is lying "unbiblical?"), it is a worn...(Read Full Article)