Country Club Republicans Must Go

Country club Republicans seem to be clueless about Democrats. Although country-club Republicans are reluctant to criticize Democrats of any stripe, they don't mind attacking other Republicans, like Ted Cruz. Some Republicans provided Chris Wallace with opposition research against Cruz. As Sarah Palin noted, country club Republicans eat other Republicans. John McCain's assault on Ted Cruz in the Senate after Cruz's filibuster against Obamacare shows just how far "moderate" Republicans will go to eat other Republicans. Country clubbers' tendency to fold before Democrats is so frequent that it no longer occasions much comment. McCain's blast against Cruz, however, has made GOP country clubbers' proclivity for doing Democrats' bidding impossible to ignore. We need to understand why GOP country clubbers are hostile to conservatives, and then recommend a reasonable course of action for conservatives to take. A successful strategy for conservatives (within the Republican Party) hinges on...(Read Full Article)