Competence Comes First

Our political differences have grown so profound, and become so nasty, that we've lost sight of the one thing that matters more than policy: competence.  Even the wisest, most carefully conceived policy will end in failure if the officials who execute it have no idea what they're doing. To point out the obvious, President Obama and his team are utterly, completely incompetent when it comes to executing national policy.  The catastrophic launch of Obamacare is only the latest example.  Whatever that gun-running operation to Mexico called Fast-and-Furious was really about, it's clear the administration made a mess of it.  The president and his national security team failed to protect our consulate in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.  And when the attack came they failed miserably, and fatally, to rescue our Ambassador and his three colleagues. I'm not asserting that the president and his team are totally incompetent.  They do a better job of getting...(Read Full Article)