Can Israel be both Jewish and democratic?

PM Netanyahu has made it clearer than ever that the PA must recognize "Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish People."  But Israel must decide how Jewish it wants to be. Most Israeli Jews embrace the mantra that Israel should be both democratic and Jewish but pay little attention to whether the two ideas are compatible.  The left in Israel say that being democratic should not be compromised, and Israel's High Court agrees.  The right in Israel think otherwise -- that being Jewish should take precedence over being democratic where the two are in conflict -- and they want the Knesset to pass the necessary laws to make it so. Israel's justice minister, Tziporah Livni, recently said to ‎"those who want to claim that the power of the majority in the Knesset is greater than the power ‎of the courts" -- that "[the] Knesset operates according to the principle of the majority, but the job of the Supreme Court is to ensure that the Knesset abides by...(Read Full Article)