Blame the Tea Party? Use Your Memory

The virus that causes people to go mad and vote Democrat has apparently spread to erstwhile conservatives.  Take Ann Coulter, please.  She writes: For reasons of purity, we dumped an unbeatable Republican candidate and ran a conservative activist with no electoral victories to her in name for the U.S Senate from Delaware -- a state that hasn't voted for a Republican president in nearly two decades. For no good reason, we threw out another sure-winner incumbent Republican senator from Indiana. Driven by a "Privatize the Lighthouses" purity, we ended up with a narcissistic loon running for the U.S. Senate from Missouri. Ann's not the only one, of course. Plenty of people who I used to think were on our side are blaming the "Tea Party," whatever that is.  The usual suspects are Christine O'Donnell (the Delaware case that Coulter refers to), Sharron Angle (Nevada), Richard Mourdock (Indiana), and Todd Akin (Missouri).  (Akin's problem had nothing to do with...(Read Full Article)