America Will Self-Correct from the Mistake of Obama

I don't expect America to be perfect, and I know America has made some mistakes.  But boy do we know how to correct them.  And we will self-correct from the mistake of electing Obama. The anti-American naysayers declare that we are all from somewhere else -- the inherent message being that America was stolen and none of us can lay claim to the land.  They say that we invaded what is now America, attacked the Indians, then took their land and livelihoods.  We forced them to live in squalid camps.  Liberals say that we took their dignity. I admit that the Indians got a bad deal.  A well-meaning group of immigrants left oppression, then came to America and oppressed.  The interlopers got greedy and the Indians paid for it; many with their lives.  We relocated the Indians from their homes and gave them the badlands.  And if America had remained the America run by Democrat Andrew Jackson, who referred to the people whose land he stole as...(Read Full Article)