The Pope's New Talking Points

Pope Francis' actions so far have shown the public that he is an iconoclast. He drives an old car, lives in an unadorned apartment, does not attend concerts for the powerful clergy, visits prisons, and goes to the slums. He has targeted those in the church who have enjoyed a more comfortable lifestyle by constantly pointing out the opposite -- the poor. Francis has said he deliberately does not talk about gay marriage, contraception, and abortion. He says the young people know about these things already and he does not intend to highlight these issues during his pontificate. Instead, he brings up poverty and the poor in many of his speeches and discussions. In an 11,000-word interview with the Italian Jesuit magazine La Civiltà Cattolica (transcribed and published in America magazine) Francis explains his motivations. When asked what he meant by the advice he gave to Jesuit journalists as to how to direct their writing, he says to concentrate on three things: "dialogue, discernment...(Read Full Article)