The Obama Administration: Helping the Bear

There's a hoary old joke about the parson who is treed by a bear. The clergyman prays most earnestly to God, but in an evenhanded way: "Lord, I know I'm a sinner, but I beg you: If you won't help me, please do not help that bear!" Christian persecution around the world is no joke. It is mounting daily. And it is coming in many of those Muslim majority lands to which President Obama famously extended, not a clenched fist, but an open hand. Along with his open hand too often came an opening of our Treasury doors. Some of the worst abusers of human rights and religious freedom are recipients of U.S. foreign and military aid. The Obama administration is clearly helping the bear. Congressman Frank Wolf (R-Va.) is pressing the administration to name a Special Envoy to address Religious Persecution. This Special Envoy is needed because the careerists in our State Department too often ignore vital questions of religious freedom in our dealings with other countries. President Obama himself...(Read Full Article)