The Late Great Left

The Left I Used to Like Talking To Back in the early 1990s, I came back to a college that I'd left, and found -- for a brief forgotten moment -- great solace in the political left. I had dropped out part of the way through university and fallen on hard times.  During those hard times, I had seen some very ugly things going on in the homosexual world of the Bronx, where I lived.  I saw that people who were poor and desperate would trade their dignity and chastity for rent.  I saw that men with low self-esteem would fill the voids in their lives with addictions like drugs, party boys, pornography, and pretty male prostitutes. When I had set aside enough cash to return to Yale, I wandered into feminist criticism as part of my plans for a senior essay in political science.  Cathy Cohen, a radical black lesbian, was teaching a seminar on the politics of AIDS.  During that autumn seminar, I was introduced to Foucault, Blanchot, and Arendt. Feminism had gone...(Read Full Article)