The British Fallout Over Syria

I'm not quite sure why Lord Ashdown (a once well-known British political leader) still thinks that the British people want to know his position on all military matters. Surely it's not simply because of his celebrated military background. If that were the case, then we'd be all too keen to listen to Robert Mugabe or Rambo on what to do about Syria. In any case, Paddy is 'depressed and ashamed' that British troops won't be sent to die in a Syrian civil war. He doesn't like the idea that many British people think that what's happening in Syria is 'none of our business.' That's because it isn't, Paddy. Though I suppose it all depends what our 'business' is in the first place. It would be our business if we had a lot to lose -- economically and/or politically -- if we didn't intervene. And even if morality is also our business, it doesn't follow that a military intervention will improve the moral reality of Syria or that it's the only moral option available to us. If Ashdown's concern is...(Read Full Article)