KC Mayor touts Gangsta Rapper as Role Model

All summer long (and earlier) in Kansas City (and perhaps in your city also) the TV news has shown candlelight vigils and similar tributes for the victims of the latest "senseless killing" in the inner city (and the similar incidents which occasionally spill over into other parts of the metroplex). The wailing, grief-stricken family members of the victims, accompanied by "community activists", are shown addressing their fellow mourners and supporters, and sometimes speaking directly to the TV cameras, appealing for "an end to this violence". A number of factors are blamed for the deadly violence. The abject poverty of the inner city is often blamed. (Yeah, Right. When the perps and the victims are wearing gold chains, $100 sneakers and driving Cadillac Escalades with 22" gold rims, anyone can see that poverty is a factor!) Guns (or "the ready availability of guns") are also blamed for the frequent shootings and killings. Some even suggest that guns are "dumped" in the inner city by...(Read Full Article)