Why America is Exceptionally Exceptional

Well, our "leaders" have now resorted to personal name-calling, Obama twisting Putin's tail about looking lazy, and Putin catcalling right back by warning Obama about "people who think they are exceptional." I think Putin was talking about Our Hero, who has suffered all his life from being told he was exceptional, so that now he can't get rid of that mental tic. Putin is perfectly right about Obama, of course. The other grandstanding show-off on the international scene is... you guessed it. Still, our patriotic media have chosen to spin Putin's words as a critique of American exceptionalism. So let me take on that piece of fluff. All nations are exceptional, but America is exceptionally exceptional. Yes, Russia is exceptional, and all Russians constantly complain about their exceptionalism over a vodka at the kitchen table. It's a national ritual. It's the reason why Russian music is so sad. All of Russian literature is a litany of moaning about the tragic suffering of Mother Russia,...(Read Full Article)