What if Miley Cyrus Grew Up in the Duck Dynasty Household?

I was thinking about the Miley Cyrus kerfuffle the other night while watching a Duck Dynasty marathon.  I'm a recent convert to the show, being wary of most of what falls under the category "reality show."  One can never be sure when treading into the dark waters of so-called "reality" TV that Miss Kay is at all different from Mama June. Miley is taking a bit of a beating for her performance on MTV's Video Music Awards.  While the backlash is understandable -- she is an adult and therefore responsible for her own behavior -- did she really even stand a chance, given her parents' willingness to dump her into the cesspool that is Hollywood? Compare and contrast dads Billy Ray Cyrus and Willie Robertson: while both are Southern good ole boys, Billy Ray went Hollywood and Willie chose to stay backwoods.  And there's the difference.  Willie chose what is best for his family, while still being able to become an American success story.  For the most part the...(Read Full Article)