The Plague of Republican Ignorance

It never fails to amaze me that in almost every random encounter with a Lutheran, I have found that he knows nothing of Martin Luther's theology.  Most glaringly, the Lutheran, as is often the case amongst mainstream Evangelicals, feels perfectly comfortable vilifying John Calvin.  Yet when I mention that John Calvin's and Martin Luther's views on human depravity, predestination, and the like are practically identical, and that this can be proven by a casual reading of Luther's The Bondage of the Will and Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion, these Lutherans almost always passionately deny the case, and leave with a sense of insult. I do not say this to pick on Lutherans -- so-called Protestants who apparently do not know what they are protesting -- but rather to note that this general ignorance of founding principles and biblical doctrine has spread to almost every sect of American society.  However uncomfortable it may be, we have to ask why it is that the...(Read Full Article)