The Perfect Mayor

What follows here is an unpaid, unsolicited, spontaneous endorsement of Carlos Danger for mayor of New York City. Carlos (aka Tony) is perfect for New York. He's trim, loud, and stupid. He is also fabulous and famous; never mind that he made his name as a cyber pecker on the Internet. In a town where name recognition is gold, who cares how you get there?New York City is the place that gave the nation Woody Allen, David Axelrod, Alec Baldwin, Joy Behar, David Berkowitz, Biggie Smalls, Barbara Boxer, Al Capone, Mickey Cohen, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, Jimmy Fallon, Louis Farrakhan, Geraldine Farraro, Jane Fonda, Al Franken, Joey Gallo, Vincent Giganti, Whoopi Goldberg, John Gotti, Sammy Gravano, Bob Guccioni, Paris Hilton, and Eric Holder. Fugetaboutit! Enough said! We shouldn't have to go through the whole alphabet. Although it was a shame to stop before we got to Eliot Spitzer. But, you get the picture. The Big Apple is the iconic urban putz factory, a pricy political schmuck...(Read Full Article)