The Myth of the Mexican Work Ethic

There are two kinds of men that this article will necessarily offend.  The first, and most obvious, is the kind of man who honestly believes in an exceptional Mexican work ethic -- the man who attempts to befriend or utilize the Mexican population to prove himself not to be a racist, to acquire their votes, or to unfairly associate himself with qualities belonging to others.  But the second kind of man, in my opinion, deserves to be offended far more than the rest, for, hoping to find an essay about the laziness of Mexicans, what he is actually going to find is an essay about the foolishness of white Americans. Being half-Hispanic, I have always heard, since as far back as I can remember, that Mexicans have a superior work ethic -- that they move quickly, and do much, and complain never.  I do not necessarily debate these claims concerning the migrant laborer, but if I were to assert that these characteristics belonged to Mexicans as a whole, I believe I would do both...(Read Full Article)