The Dream is No More

It was an overcast, albeit relatively mild August day by Washington D.C. standards, fifty years ago today, as I joined the thousands walking along Constitution Avenue toward the Lincoln Memorial.  Many of those in the crowd who had traveled vast distances by busses and cars from all over the nation, but in particular the deep South, had a look of apprehension bordering on fear, not knowing what to expect from the police and those vehemently opposed to unfettered civil rights.  Despite the trepidation and regardless of skin color, nationality or faith all were determined to compel the nation to listen to their voices.   Little did those of us there understand or appreciate that the 28th day of August 1963 would be historic not only because of the electrifying oration delivered by Martin Luther King but that this singular event would mark the beginning of the end of institutional discrimination and racism in the United States. I immigrated to America in 1952. ...(Read Full Article)