The Case against School Vouchers

Free-market conservatives are understandably desperate to break the government education monopoly that guarantees an endless cycle of liberal indoctrination and up-whirling mill levies.  To this effect, many see a savior in Milton Friedman and one of his favorite hobby horses: the educational voucher. Unfortunately, Friedman, who frequently got it monumentally right, got it monumentally wrong on vouchers.  Educational vouchers are no alternative; at best, they are ineffectual, and at worst, they are a disaster in waiting.  The axiom that nothing can improve when government bureaucrats are involved is important to remember here. Take the example of Wisconsin. It has one of older and most widely disseminated educational voucher programs in the country -- and it's a skein of limitations, regulations, and conformations.      To access Wisconsin's voucher program, you have to be one of life's losers -- i.e., among the poor.  Eligible...(Read Full Article)