Staying Home or Getting Involved

President Obama's dithering actions and non-response to events in the Middle East show the US is slipping back into the deep foreign policy chasm -- between those who want the US to play a world role and those who want to stay home -- that crosses party lines Soldiers dying in Iraq and Afghanistan combined with stark budget realities have united many on the Right and Left -- libertarians, conservatives and progressives -- to urge America to stay out of world trouble spots. They say America has gotten its fingers burned trying to help those who end up being ungrateful. The bipartisan instinct that once brought Americans together to fight Communism and Nazism flared briefly after 9-11 in a fight against Islamism and the Arab-Islamic terror it spawned, but now that unity has abated. The isolationist impulse is rising. The Left charged "Bush lied and soldiers died" -- that the war in Iraq was not really about stopping terror or weapons of mass destruction but some other hidden...(Read Full Article)