Scheindlin's List

Using the New York Police Department's Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City report for calendar year 2012, it is easy to conclude that while blacks are 22.8% of the population of New York City, they are primarily both the victims and perpetrators of much the city's crime. In 2012, 74% of shooting victims in New York City were black, as were 75% of those arrested for these shootings. Blacks also comprised 73% of all firearm arrests. They were also the victim 38% of the time, and the arrestee in 48% of all rapes. 60% of murder victims were black, as were 51% of those arrested for murder. Blacks were the victim of 32% of all robberies and were the arrestee 62% of the time. 52% of those arrested for felonious assault were black. They were also 48% of the victims. They encompassed 52% of those arrested for grand larceny, which is the theft of property with a value in excess of one thousand dollars. 45% of felony drug arrests were black as were 50% of misdemeanor drug arrests....(Read Full Article)