Revisiting Churchill on Democracy

If Obama had been President in 1933, would he have condemned the German military if they had staged a coup against Adolf Hitler? One would hope not, but given Obama's actions on Egypt it's far from clear. We know Obama is not keen on Democracy given repeated statements that he wished he didn't have to deal with Congress and that ruling America the way Chinese Communist dictators rule China would be so much easier. Yet he seems strangely enamored with the Democratic process in Egypt; a feeling that was completely lacking when Iranians were trying to start a Persian Spring in Iran; then Obama was silent. Part of the problem is the infatuation of so many in America with the concept that Democracy is always right. But we know from history that that is not the case. That the majority of Germans supported Hitler does not mean that he was right. A coup by the military would have prevented both WW II and the Holocaust. Even in America, it took a war to end the horror of slavery, since the...(Read Full Article)