Reggie Love and the Birth Certificate

See also: What Reggie Love Had to Say about the Obama Birth Certificate by Nick Chase Most of the talk about the recently released Reggie Love interview centers on Love's admission that he and President Obama played cards -- Sp***s to be precise -- during the Osama bin Laden raid. But Love, Obama's "body man" for several years, revealed more than the White House wanted him to about Obama's notorious birth certificate. At a forum hosted last month hosted by the Artists & Athletes Alliance in Los Angeles, Love jovially recalled the moment when Obama "finally found" his birth certificate. The moderator chimed in mischievously: "It took a little too long, by the way." Said Love in response, "Hey, when you come from . . . " before catching his thought and cutting himself off.  Love then went on to explain the delay, saying that when "your parents don't live together (and) you travel all over the world, documents get lost." Although the Artists & Athletes...(Read Full Article)