Pornography to become even more readily available on the internet

Quietly, with almost no fanfare, the governing board of the internet (ICANN) approved a new .PORN domain on the internet.  The .PORN domain joins the .XXX domain already in existence and others proposed, such as the .SEX and .ADULT domains.  Morality in Media (MIM) has called for an investigation of the ICM Registry -- the company behind the approved .XXX domain and the proposed new porn domains -- "for violations of federal laws that prohibit the distribution of hard-core and obscene Internet pornography." The rationale for the new domain, as expressed in its application, is that the .XXX domain agreed to certain restrictions that the new domain lifts, and while the XXX domain is expected to remain the first-choice adult-targeted domain, some folks, it seems, want "adult entertainment" that does not provide such strict protections and oversight.  It's all about providing the consumer with more "user choice."  After all, there remains a market for those who are...(Read Full Article)