Population Growth and Conservatism

Talk of population growth among conservatives often leads to two basic perspectives: (1) environmental concerns over excessive population growth are largely unfounded (i.e., the rejection of Paul Ehrlich's "Population Bomb" hypothesis); and (2) more population growth equals larger economic markets, which is a good thing.  But population growth is not always supportive of true conservative principles, and the trends are heading in a problematic direction. The urban-rural vote split needs to be front-and-center in conservative political strategizing.  It is not working in our favor.  After the 2010 mid-term elections, The Economist magazine noted that "there's scarcely a major city in America that isn't represented in congress by Democrats. Run down the top 30 incorporated places in America; the only ones represented by Republicans are Fort Worth, Texas and (as of January) Columbus, Ohio. Every other major city in Texas, and in fact every other major...(Read Full Article)