Our President Plans to 'Rate' Colleges

When I glanced at the first story I read about President Obama's plans to "rate" colleges, my first thought was "Hey, what's he doing?  It isn't March.  The NCAA Tournament is months away!" As it turns out, the whole thing was just Obama being Obama.  As usual, he spoke in vague generalities.  As always, the metrics to be used in evaluating these institutions of higher learning were obviously subjective, and subject to "nudging" as needed to produce a desired (read: politically favorable) result. Couching the idea in inevitably unclear terms, the president uses the "carrot and stick" approach to addressing the rising costs of college educations. Lindsey M. Burke, writing in National Review Online, notes: A big part of the president's plan includes creating a college-rating system - a federal scorecard - to evaluate colleges on measures such as graduation rates, the number of low-income students served (i.e., the percentage of Pell Grant recipients),...(Read Full Article)