Obama's Hypocrisy on Gays

Having been made a complete fool of by Russia's Putin, Obama is in schoolyard whining mode, making fun of Putin and calling him names while criticizing Russia's stand on gays. This is beneath the office of the president and once again demonstrates how out of his depth our buffoon-in-chief is. In criticizing Putin, Obama groused that Putin has "got that kind of slouch, looking like the bored kid in the back of the classroom." Can you imagine if a Republican president (say, George W. Bush) behaved in so sophomoric and pathetic a fashion? The media's response would have been indescribable. If that wasn't awful enough, Obama audaciously declared of Russia: "I have no patience for countries that try to treat gays or lesbians or transgender persons in ways that intimidate them or are harmful to them." Really? Russia is not mutilating and executing gays the way Muslim regimes do under the Sharia. And Obama supports most vicious anti-gay regimes in the world. The gay community should...(Read Full Article)