Obama's Crackpot Scheme to Make College 'More Affordable'

On August 22, the White House released President Obama plan to make college more affordable.  It began with the usual boilerplate of the importance of "investing" in a college education and noted that the cost of college had soared 250% over the last 30 years, far outstripping inflation.  To reduce costs, Obama proposed a medley of government initiatives, none of which will succeed; rather, shock of shock, all will further bloat an already oversized bureaucratic colossus.  Nor will anything of educational value be created.  But that said, this ill-fated initiative is still important, since it offers valuable insights into how Obama and his ideological kin understand cost-cutting.  In a nutshell, the entire enterprise is Orwellian -- war is peace, and freedom is slavery. Those familiar with business know about cost cutting -- slash payrolls, sell off unprofitable divisions, out-source tasks, automate, hire part-timers, and so on.  Hardly rocket science....(Read Full Article)