No Cause for Optimism with Iran's New Leader

Since the June election of Hassan Rowhani as the new president of Iran, optimism in the West for negotiations with the Islamic state over its illicit nuclear program has been increasing.  That optimism is misplaced. Rowhani, whom the Western media dubs a moderate and who was the head of Iran's nuclear negotiating team in 2003, took the oath of office on August 4, promising conciliation and openness in future negotiations.  In return, the Obama administration and European officials indicated that they are ready for serious and hopefully fruitful negotiations. There's only one problem. Rowhani isn't a moderate -- he is the man most trusted by the supreme leader and has served the Islamic Republic at the highest levels since the 1979 revolution, among them as the deputy speaker of Parliament, the head of the Executive Committee of the High Council for War Support during the Iran-Iraq War, the deputy to the second-in-command of Iran's joint chiefs of staff, a member of the...(Read Full Article)