Mr. President: Economic Growth Lessons from America's North

President Barack Obama's "Grand Bargain" tour is underway, with plans for Air Force One to drop the commander-in-chief at various locales across the fruited plain so he can campaign for his pie-in-the-sky economic proposals.  Among other proposals supposedly meant to revive the Obama-led stagnant economy, he's clamoring for an increase in the minimum wage, to build new roads and bridges, and to create additional government programs. These and his other ideas are nothing more than an attempt at artificial economic and wage growth through government-mandated spending or wage increases.  These same types of proposal have contributed to our current sluggish economy.  Nothing new to see here. Were the president actually serious about turning his economy around, a blueprint exists in our own backyard.  It has produced massive economic and wage growth and the corresponding building of new infrastructure, and it's not based upon government spending or mandates.  ...(Read Full Article)