Minnie Mouse Weeps for Miley Cyrus

See also: The Marketing of Porn to Children via Sweet Young Things Lookie at Miley Cyrus, all growed up. Well, physically, yeah. Mentally, emotionally -- forever seventeen. That's seventeen by today's dilapidated standards. Seventeen is the age of arrestment for far too many Americans whose maturing -- then aging, withering -- bodies create the illusion that an adult must inhabit those atrophying innards. Of course, Miley has the excuse of being part of the "entertainment industry" -- or that segment of it that trucks in the lewd, pandering to gen-u-ine adolescents and adults (so-called) for mucho dinero. Miley is product -- willingly, just to add. She lives in a bubble of business hustlers, sycophants, and hangers-on. She's got a little habit, and it ain't laudanum; its celebrity and money, or money and celebrity... whatever the order. Are those two of the Seven Deadly Sins? As a matter of fact... All those ghouls circling Miley will tell her that she's just fab, a real artiste,...(Read Full Article)