Maybe I Do Have Something to Hide

The single most common, and most annoying, argument offered in defense of the democratic totalitarian surveillance state must be, "If you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to hide." This rhetorical argument has been around for generations, is used the world over, and is offered with equal boldness by progressives and conservatives alike. There is only one small problem with this ubiquitous argument for coerced transparency: it's a load of baloney. More specifically, it is utterly unsound, both logically and morally. As a logical matter, the argument as routinely stated is merely a major premise, leaving the hearer to supply the minor premise and draw his own conclusion. The argument, spelled out explicitly, would look like this: One who hasn't done anything wrong has nothing to hide.You haven't done anything wrong.Therefore, you have nothing to hide. The argument is meant as a kind of moral intimidation. The hearer is put in the position of incriminating himself by...(Read Full Article)