Let Them Eat Wind

Blue-collar workers, especially those connected with labor unions who mine coal, drill for oil and gas, build pipelines, and toil in all those related areas of genuine economic activity, must be appalled.  Barack Obama won re-election largely on the willingness of those types of unions to put aside their doubts about his real commitment to economic growth and to turn out by a two-to-one margin for him. That was decisive in states with large industrial unions: Ohio (18 electoral votes), Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes), Iowa (6 electoral votes), New Hampshire (4 electoral votes), and Wisconsin (10 electoral votes).  Obama's margin of victory in Florida was so tiny that without labor support, its 29 electoral votes would almost certainly have gone to Romney.  Not only did unions deliver the electoral college majority to Obama, but if union voters had given Obama only a small majority, then Romney would have won the popular vote as well. Now with the arrogance of the...(Read Full Article)