Iraq Wants the 'Jewish Trove,' but Not the Jews

Some fifty-three percent of Americans told the Gallup Poll last spring they regarded the Iraq war as a mistake. The numbers were not evenly divided.  The vast majority of Democrats (73%) say it was a mistake, while only a minority (30%) of Republicans agree. So how should we think about this story in this week's Washington Post: "Securing Iraqi Jews' Past"?  Staffers at our National Archives are restoring a "trove" of documents, photographs, books, and other records from the Iraqi Jewish community.  Our troops uncovered this stash of Jewish memorabilia when we invaded Iraq in May 2003. Many of these precious items were found in the blasted headquarters of Saddam Hussein's Mukhabarat, the dreaded secret police of the Baathist regime in Baghdad. This tranche of documents and artifacts is called the Iraqi Jewish Trove.  It contains items hundreds of years old.  They bear witness to an ancient Jewish community that survived until the 1960s.  There had been...(Read Full Article)