How Democrats use Federal Agencies to Influence Politics

Democrats control the largest American cities and their electoral success is due to the support of black voters. They have achieved this domination by segregating the black population and controlling black politicians. Today, virtually all major black political leaders are Democrats, especially in those cities that are traditional Democratic strongholds. The recent IRS scandal proved that the Obama Administration used the IRS's tax exempt category to deny Tea Party and other groups of their free speech. Campaign donations have been ruled free speech by the Supreme Court. But Obama is not the first president to try to influence elections through the use of Federal agencies. More troubling examples of this occurred in the 1960s under the administrations of JFK and LBJ. Democrats control nearly all of the cities of the Midwest and Northeast. When Dr. King started to emerge as a national black political leader in the 1960s, he became a threat to this Democratic control since he was not a...(Read Full Article)