How Best to Desecrate the Presidential Medal of Freedom

President Barack Obama will give the Presidential Medal of Freedom ("PMF") to former President Bill Clinton, a man who was found by a federal judge to have lied to her face while under oath, at the same time his job description required him to take care that the laws be faithfully executed.  The judge found Clinton in contempt of court. Obama now has the same job as Clinton did, so Obama must know something about the importance of national security.  Yet Obama is giving the PMF to a man who endangered national security for his personal gain.  During the investigation into Clinton's lying under oath and alleged obstruction of justice regarding the sexual harassment lawsuit against him by an Arkansas state employee named Paula Jones, for conduct that occurred while he was governor of that state, Clinton, as president, allowed a national security threat to get security clearance and work in the Pentagon. The national security threat was a young White House intern named...(Read Full Article)