Fear of Flying

I don't know how many people still enjoy flying, but I'm one of those who dread every moment of the experience.  But I'm not referring to the traditional trepidation some people have about soaring through the air at 30,000 feet; I'm talking about the drill we must submit to before we ever get into our seats. The thought of standing there with my shoes in one hand, my "papers" in the other, as I push my carry-on luggage along the belt toward the scanner gives me a feeling of captivity.  When I enter the body-scanner and hold my hands above my head as the rotation device emits its rays through to my bones, I shudder at the thought of how much damage the radiation might be doing.  Then, having passed the first few tests, I must submit to a frisk before having my small suitcase opened and checked for substances that might bring down the aircraft.  That means shampoos, creams, and colognes that measure more than a few ounces. Such "explosive" articles are swiftly...(Read Full Article)